Lettings Management in Limerick

Helen McCormack Estate Agents have a large number of landlords who use us for both lettings and management services.

As the business was established when this was the primary niche in the market, we highly value this sector of our business and enjoy the ongoing client contact that derives from this work as well as the contact with new landlords and tenants.

We have a range of local and national clients who comfortably engage us to look after their tenancies and rent collection so that they can have a stress free experience.

We will register all tenancies with the RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) on behalf of owners and follow their guidelines, if, on the rare occasion, there are any breach of tenancy terms; thereby acting in the owners best interest and in good faith at all times. Recently there have been several changes and updates from the Residential Tenancies Board due to Covid19 and engaging in a Limerick Estate Agent will greatly ensure you have the professional advice and up to date information re compliance for your landlord requirements.

Importantly, we have strong relationships with our service providers who ensure we get a fast, cost effective, efficient service on our Landlord’s behalf in the event that works are required on your property in our property management service.

For new private landlords, below is a brief outline of the services that will be provided:


Information on Particulars of Services provided for Letting Services / Letting Management Services

Activities which can be carried out as Letting Services

  1. Carry out an inspection of property to determine Advised Letting Value
  2. Photograph the interior and exterior of the property for the purpose of establishing its condition
  3. Market / advise the property
  4. Show property to prospective tenants
  5. Request 2 references / screen prospective tenants
  6. Agree an inventory of the contents of the property with the tenant
  7. Supply a copy of the inventory to the tenant
  8. Get tenant to acknowledge accuracy of inventory and sign it
  9. Provide the Lease and get it signed by the Tenant and give keys and security alarm code and instructions to the tenant
  10. Read (gas / electricity / water / utility) meters and transfer those utilities into the tenant’s name
  11. Notify the tenant of waste disposal arrangements
  12. Notify the tenant of the arrangements for services such as broadband, telephone, television
  13. Notify the tenant of contact details for repairs and maintenance
  14. Notify the tenant of arrangements for rent payment
  15. Accept the ‘tenancy deposit bond’
  16. Accept any advance of rent
  17. Register the tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board on behalf of the Client
  18. Activities which can be carried out as Letting Management


During tenancy

  1. Arrange for rent collection and remittance to landlord in a timely efficient manner
  2. Carry out inspections of the property and update the Client
  3. Act as the point of contact for tenants in relation to repairs and maintenance and arrange as necessary for: Repairs / replacement of damaged items. Maintenance of essential items and services. Redecorating items when necessary.


At end of tenancy

  1. Retrieve the keys from the tenant
  2. Note the readings on the (gas / electricity / water / utility) meters
  3. Carry out an inspection of the property (noting any visible changes from the initial condition)
  4. Photograph the interior and exterior of the property
  5. Check the inventory of the contents of the property
  6. Invite tenant to include their observations on the inventory / condition of the property / the readings from the utility meters
  7. Arrange for the request of the final accounts for various utilities
  8. Assess the extent of repairs / maintenance work necessary and advise client accordingly
  9. Calculate the amount, if any, of the ‘tenancy deposit bond’ to be deducted to cover breaches of the tenancy and appraise Client