In-Depth Communication: The Importance of In-Depth Communication in Property Sales


Selling your property is one of most significant financial transaction you can make and it can be both exciting and daunting.  The 6th component of our SELLWISE Strategy, which is a structured approach to selling designed to maximise outcomes and results for property sellers, is ‘I’; Indepth Communication.  Effective communication between Sellers, Estate Agents and potential buyers will greatly contribute to your successful sale.

This article is a guide for Sellers on the importance of communication and why it is essential in property sales, the problems and consequences of neglecting it and the practical solutions and benefits for prioritising communication for all parties involved.


Whether you are a first time Seller or have sold property before, understanding the role of communication can make the process more efficient, less stressful and ultimately result in a smoother efficient sale.

Why Communication is Important

Effective communication is essential for several reasons:

Building Trust and Rapport

Trust is the most important element of any successful transaction.  Establishing a strong transparent relationship with your Estate Agent is a foundational element in property sales. Your Estate Agent in turn will build trust with potential buyers through the information provided and communicate on your behalf to represent your interests effectively.

Clarity and Transparency

Clear communication helps ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding the property’s details, timelines, and expectations.  The variety of details involved in the sale range from details on the brochure listing, knowledge of any previous relevant history and pricing.  Transparency and clear communication will mitigate misrepresentations and misunderstandings.


When issues arise, as they can do throughout the sale, including during the process between ‘Sale Agreed’ and ‘Sold’, effective communication is key to addressing and resolving them quickly and efficiently as well as preventing small issues from escalating.


Strong communication helps understand the needs of all parties and also impacts the ability to negotiate the best terms favourable to you as the Seller.

Problems When Communication is not Prioritised

When effective communication is not prioritised, misunderstandings in relation to the property’s condition, inclusions in the sale or closing timelines can affect the process. 

Consequences of Neglecting Communication

The consequences can result in in receiving less offers, the property spending a longer time on the market, increased stress and in worse case scenarios, the sale falling through and having to start the process all over again.

Solutions and Potential

To maximise the potential of your property sale, here are some helpful communication guidelines:

  1. Choose the Right Estate Agent: Select an agent who values and prioritises communication. Ask about their communication strategies and how they keep clients informed.
  2. Set Clear Expectations: From the beginning, establish clear expectations with your Agent regarding how and when you will communicate. Agree on regular updates and the best methods of communication (e.g., phone, email and text/whatssap for quick queries).
  3. Be Transparent: Provide your agent with all necessary information about your property upfront.  Honesty about any issues or concerns can prevent misunderstandings later.
  4. Stay Informed: Make sure you are informed about the sales progress and your Agent’s activities.  Be proactive also in relation to the process with your Solicitor in conjunction with your Agent.  Regular updates with all parties will help you feel more in control and reduce anxiety.
  5. Prompt Responses: Respond to queries and requests from your Agent about buyer queries promptly.  Agreeing the best method of communication with your Agent will greatly assist you in timely communications.


In-depth communication is essential for a successful property sale.   Select an Estate Agent who values and prioritises communication.  The overall experience will be a sale where there is trust, clarity and transparency, facilitation of problem-solving and enhanced negotiation. When communication is neglected, it can lead to misunderstandings, a lack of trust, increased stress, and a potential failed sale. By setting clear expectations at the outset with your Agent, being transparent, staying informed, utilising the best channels of communication for you and responding promptly to queries; you will enjoy your property sale experience.


To summarise, selling a property is a team effort and communication is the glue that holds that team together.  A property sale is not just a financial transaction, it is about the relationships and interactions the underpin the entire process. Embracing the principles of Indepth Communication paves the way for a successful stress-free sale.

To maximise every aspect of the entire Sales process, including the Indepth Communication step we just discussed; we will also be diving into further elements of the SELLWISE Strategy.  Stay tuned for the next article when we look at the 7th component ‘S’ ‘Settlements & Closure’.