“The Power of Seller Market Intelligence: The First Step to a Successful Sale!”

Curious about how market trends and intelligence impact your home’s value? 

Delighted to share Article on the 1st step of our SELLWISE Strategy ‘Seller Market Intelligence’

“The Power of Seller Market Intelligence: The First Step to a Successful Sale!”

This component highlights the importance of a strong Pricing Strategy for your home sale in order to avoid pitfalls and achieve the most successful outcome.

Here are the Key Items summarised that inform the Pricing Strategy

  • Identifying and Understanding the Market Type:  Seller’s and Buyer’s Markets
  • Optimal Pricing: Thorough market analysis to attract buyers and secure the best price
  • Local Knowledge: Considerations to the appeal of location, demographics and amenities
  • Comparable Sales: Analysis of recently sold properties and current listings
  • Evaluation of Property Condition: Condition, Features, Upgrades, Aspect
  • Avoiding Pricing pitfalls by overpricing or underpricing through leveraging Seller Market Intelligence.

What challenges have you had when selling your property when it comes to pricing strategy?

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In the continuous evolvement of the property landscape, it is very important that you as the Seller have the knowledge and insights to ensure the successful sale of your property.  We are excited to introduce our SELLWISE Strategy which is a structured approach to selling designed to maximise outcomes and results for property sellers.  The first component of this Strategy ‘S’ is Seller Market Intelligencewhich is essential in understanding and navigating the dynamics of a given market effectively.  It is critical for setting the scene for a successful sale.  This informs and distinguishes between a Seller’s Market and a Buyer’s Market which requires some overlapping, but different strategies. .

Why is it Important to Distinguish?

Different Rules from Seller to Buyer Market

Understanding whether you are in a Seller’s Market or a Buyer’s Market can greatly affect the pricing strategy for your home and overall approach to selling your property.  In a Seller’s Market, which we are experiencing at present, where demand exceeds supply, sellers have the upper hand and can command higher prices.

Currently there is a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions for Sellers which also impacts strong bidding on property and in many cases exceptional sold prices being achieved.  This is not only as a result of our strong economy and changing demographics but several Government interventions and incentives in relation to the Rental market situation, without increasing supply, further tightening the overall amount of property for Sale and the increased demand.  This has also stimulated a strong renewed interest in home ownership and expanded the pool of buyers available in a given market.

In a Buyer’s Market like we have experienced following the Economic Downturn and subsequent recovery 2009 to 2016 in particular; where supply exceeded demand, buyers have more negotiating power, leading to little competition for the buyer; and lower prices for Sellers.

Develop a Strong Pricing Strategy

A strong pricing strategy is the cornerstone of a successful property sale.  It involves setting a price that attracts buyers while ensuring you ultimately receive the best price for your property.

This does require a thorough analysis of various market factors, from current trends to local market conditions, detailed analysis of local comparable sales and careful consideration to the variables surrounding these sales; in order to accurately determine the optimal listing price to go to the open market with.    Additionally an Estate Agent familiar with the ebbs and flows through many seasons and environments can tap into the palpable pulse of the market and this can offer you as the Seller a strong advantage in developing a strong Pricing Strategy.

Problem When You Don’t Build a Strong Pricing Strategy

Issues that greatly affect your results can emerge without a strong pricing strategy.  Overpricing a property can result in it lingering on the market for longer; with buyer perceptions and interest being affected – leading to assumptions that there is something wrong with the property.

Underpricing can no doubt result in a quick sale but a with a loss to you as the Seller.

Both scenarios highlight the importance of a thorough market analysis and strategic pricing.

Consequences of not building a Strong Pricing Strategy

Without a well-considered pricing strategy, sellers might experience prolonged periods without offers and increased ‘carrying costs’ of the listing.  In a Seller’s Market, buyers may also feel or sense the property has become ‘stale’ and it will loose its glisten to them; making it less likely to appeal to their impulse to act resolutely which also affects the stimulation of the sale for the wider buying market.  These consequences can cause a lot of stress for you as the Seller who wants to progress efficiently with your plans; as well as impacting the financial aspect of the sale.

The Solution

To avoid these challenges, it is crucial to develop a strong pricing strategy using thorough Market Intelligence. The 5 key components for this market analysis in our SELLWISE Strategy are:

1. Market Overview

The Market Overview includes the understanding of local market trends and indicators from the economy.  This includes analysis of the current market conditions, interest rates and specific demand.  This information provides an overview of what to expect in the market.

As we have seen, particularly in recent years in the marketplace, conditions can change rapidly.      We are experiencing and have experienced rapid change both nationally and locally in demographics as a result of our ongoing economic growth and multinational investment as well as Covid 19 and EU and National Government Policies.

2. Local Market Analysis

The Local Market Analysis is of equal importance including:

  • Location Overview:  Assessing the appeal and the reputation of the local area
  • Demographics: Understanding the mix of owner occupiers versus rental property
  • Amenities & Schools: Evaluating the availability of local amenities and quality of educational facilities which can significantly impact property values.

3. Comparable Market Analysis

Analysing recently Sold property and current listings including feedback on existing listings can provide a realistic real-time benchmark for setting your property’s price.  This includes:

  • Recently Sold Properties: A review of prices of similar properties that have been Sold
  • Current Listings:Comparing your property to others on the market to gauge competition

4. Property Condition & Features

A detailed assessment of your property’s condition and features is necessary to determine its value including considerations of:

  • Interior: The Quality of fixtures, fittings and overall interior condition, Natural light intake
  • Exterior:Structural Soundness, Kerb Appeal, Landscaping, Views, Aspect
  • Recent Upgrades/Renovations: Any improvements that add value to the property.

5. Develop Recommended Listing Price

Combining insights from the market overview, local analysis, comparable properties, and property condition leads to the development of a well-informed recommended Listing Price; reflecting its true market value in line with current conditions and buyer expectations.


As a Seller you can maximise your property’s appeal by leveraging market intelligence, resulting in the best possible outcome.


When selling your home, an understanding of market intelligence is crucial, developed in conjunction with your Estate Agent.  The first step in our SELLWISE Strategy, ‘Seller Market Intelligence’, highlights the importance of developing a strong pricing strategy.  This will help your avoid pitfalls related to pricing and ultimately buyer interest resulting in achieving the best price for your home.

To maximise every aspect of the Sales process which includes the pricing we have spoken about, we will also be diving into further elements of the SELLWISE Strategy. Stay tuned for the next article when we look at the 2nd component ‘E’, ‘Evaluating Presentation’.

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