Testimonial – Paul Dorrell

Last year my family set about to sell my late Father-in-Laws house in Limerick City. They decided to use an Estate Agent from town. After a considerable amount of time, a purchaser was found and all seemed fine. However, the sale fell through. The agent laid the blame for this at our door and failed to take action to get the house back on the market for weeks.

At this point I proposed that Helen McCormack take over the sale of the property. She immediately took charge of proceedings and within a short time viewings were happening on a regular basis.

A new purchaser was found and all was going well it seemed. Then the new purchaser decided to start questioning everything, even certified documents that would stand up in court! Helen proved to be a critical asset during this period as she was in constant contact with the buyer and feeding information to us to allow the necessary questions to be answered. She really went beyond the norm to liaise and keep

the sale on track.

I would like to thank Helen for her help in selling the property and for going beyond the norm in order to ensure that the sale continued moving forward.

I would highly recommend Helen for any property sales.

Sincerely yours, Paul Dorrell