Limerick history

Limerick City is nearly 1,100 years old, during these years it has been a Viking settlement, a walled medieval town, a Georgian city and now a modern, vibrant metropolitan area with a rich and historic hinterland. In 1413 King Henry V granted a charter which made Limerick an independent city-state. The city even had its…

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Limerick’s excellent road and rail network reflects the region’s accessibility. Six national roads converge on Limerick city and its environs. Dublin is just a two hour drive by motorway, Galway is an hour, and Cork is 90 minutes. Not bad, if you consider how long a commute can take from one side of the capital…

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Discover Limerick

Aerial View Limerick City

‘Limerick is the commercial, administrative and cultural capital of Ireland’s mid-west’ Maybe you’re thinking of buying a home in Limerick but you need to know more. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Limerick is a fantastic city with a huge range of property types with a price range which is far, far…

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